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Promote the goals of your organization
through tailored meetings and events.


Gain visibility of your brand with a dedicated

popup store and event space on the Promenade. 

Stay comfortably with your team
in one of our exclusive apartments. 

Do you need an apartment in Davos?

We help you solve one of the biggest pains during the Davos Conference Week - finding convenient housing.


Our Mission & Services

Davos Conference Week is full of independent and globally-impactful events throughout January in Davos, Switzerland

We know how critical it is for you to maneuver the meetings, events, and venues at the right time. Therefore, we focus on optimizing your agenda, whether its by bringing participants to your venue or bringing you close to the center of the action in Davos around Promenade. 

Bring your brand to Davos by setting up a unique pop-up store directly on Davos which is home to your events, promotions, and access point for world leaders to interact with your offering. 

We work directly with Fortune 500 companies and governments to provide private service for groups of 5 or more. Choose from our exclusive list of housing options for everyone on in your group. 

Gather top leaders at your personal cocktail event or seated dinner to create a unique discussion. 

We help organize and promote the event that helps you capture your target audience. 

Join us at the exclusive 5 star secured Hotel Seehof for a panel discussion, drinks and fine food with traditional and crypto market experts such as Don Tapscott, founder of Blockchain Research Institute and author of Blockchain Revolution. 

Be a part

of it. 

Join a community of passionate leaders who are committed to improving the state of the world.

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